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About Us...
This museum is perceived and delivered by:
Dr. Avinash Joshi
M.D.(Psychiatry) KEM Hospital & Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai)
Clinic: Pallavi Hospital, Pushpkunj Complex Ramdaspeth,
Phone:0712-2558883, Mob.: 09423677685
"Museum of Brain & Mind" is the brainchild of Dr. Avinash Joshi ( M.D ) Psychiatry from KEM Hospital, Mumbai). It took two and half years for it's completion. Brain is the most complex structure in the Universe. As a matter of fact, the whole universe stays in brain and not outside. Inspired by the "Rock Garden" of Chandigarh, Dr. Joshi thought of creating "Brain Garden" to show all the facets of brain like its Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Parapsychology, Philosophy Sexuality & Spirituality.
In this museum, an attempt has been made to show all its faces through displays, written in simple Hindi, using ample, self illustrated and bright images. Starting from the history of psychiatry and barbaric methods of treatment of psychiatric illnesses, the journey travels through evolution of the thought process of mankind to the modern knowledge about brain & mind.

Neurological problems from headache to brain tumors and psychiatric problems ranging from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder to schizophrenia, are explained in simple language. The effect of mind & brain on physical illnesses and vice versa has been extensively dealt with.
Although people have a lot of curiosity about brain & mind, they also harbor misconceptions about it. It also provides psychological tips of day-to-day living. A special section has been dedicated to psychological problems of children. The museum is useful for teachers and students to understand each other in a better way.

Emotional problems such as anger, fear & personality problems have also been sufficiently dealt with. A confession box is put up for those who are haunted by their mistakes and want to relieve themselves of the burden. Those expecting counseling may disclose their identity. Professional secrecy is assured. Online Counseling is also available. A special feature of this website is marraige bureau means for people with Psychiatric & Neurological problems who want to marry after diselosing all details of their problems to the apposite party, to prevent future disappointments and divorce.

This museum is one of its kind in India and perhaps worldwide. It will prove to be a landmark in inculcating scientific temper about brain and mind. The museum is open on all weekdays from 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Mr. Rajeev Marwar, Dr. Saran Kochhar, and Late Mr. Nana Mudaphale helped selflessly in creating this mesuem We are thankful to them.
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